Using stock photography can be a blessing or a curse; the rules and regulations on licensing a photo can change not just by site or author, but by image in an authors catalogue. Licenses can limit reproductions to a single instance or 100,000 prints. They can be for editorial use only or be restricted to a certain medium.

It is, then, a true blessing, when you come across the perfect image for your project and see the trusty ‘CC’ of the Creative Commons organisation, where there are only a handful of easy to understand licenses and the vast majority require only attribution; and some not even that.

It’s a truly wonderful movement and one I’m happy to support, by not only using others’ works, but by extending such a license to select images from my portfolio; this image of the ruinous Tintern Abbey, Wales, being the first of many more to come.

Download Full Size Image: Abbey 01 (JPEG) or (CR2 RAW)

Creative Commons License
Abbey 01 by Dale Jordan Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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